Applied Behavior App

It's never been easier to record Behavior Observation Data!

Who it's for...

The Applied Behavior App is for all Behavior Specialists, Applied Behavior Analysts (ABA) and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA).

What it's for...

The app allows observation data to be recorded for the following collection methods; ABC, frequency, duration, interval (partial, momentary, whole), and latency.

Completed observations may be graphed as either a line or bar chart for any time frame and then emailed as an attachment to be incorporated into functional behavior assessments, behavior intervention plans and reports supporting individual education plans.

The app will work on virtually all Android AND iOS phones and tablets!

No internet connection is needed for data collection and there are No Subscription Fees!

Record your client's Behavior Data as easy as 1-2-3

1. Select a client
Your client list is always with you. Each client has custom Antecedents, Behaviors and Consequences.

2. Choose a Collection Method
Measurements are automatically timed, counts are recorded and saved to your device.

3. Graph your Results
Easily graph one or more more spreadsheets or graphing programs.


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